Bank Lockers Tracking

Currently most of the banks track their locker inventory on daily or weekly basis. In a premium business even a small error or loss can be significantly expensive. Huge amounts can be lost due to inefficient and slow inventory tracking. While RFID is widely being used as an effective tool, this one application has immediate and direct benefits. RFID based tracking system enables tracking of your inventory.

Asset management system for banks

Blood Bags Tracking

The solution integrates the collection & distribution processes, as each blood bag is tagged, and data from the tags is automatically read and entered into the system. This automation improves overall accuracy, allows an efficient use of assets, enables a faster turnaround of inventory, increases employee and customer safety, reduces cylinder loss and enhances the customer experience.

Visibility for the Gas Cylinder market is designed to provide complete gas bottle population visibility, as each individual container and its contents are uniquely identified.Clients enjoy the power of information such as population size, asset location, returns management, loss calculations & security enhancements, dynamic modelling and asset fleet advance planning, asset malfunction and failures and how to mitigate them, product traceability & recall, and maintenance management where significant cost savings can be realized.

Asset management system in healthcare

Asset Management Tracking

Security and effective data center management starts from visibility of IT assets by real-time tracking and monitoring of servers and critical IT components. Tracking thousands of assets in a typical banking data center, and ensuring that laptop computers leaving a building are authorized to do so—and are with the properly authorized users—is a cumbersome task for bank security officers.

Employees and contractors entering and leaving the building often carry laptop computers that, in many cases, are the property of the organization but are assigned to a specific person. Each laptop computer has attached to an active tag with a unique ID number. That number is linked in back-end system to the computer's serial number, make and model, as well as the name and a photo of the individual authorized to use it.

To track the laptops and ensure none leave in the wrong hands, tags would help in finding a laptop & to look up the serial number listed on the computer to determine who was authorized to use that machine. This would help to determine whether the individual holding the laptop was the one to whom it was assigned.

Asset Management System


Extremely Long Read Range
Increased Tag Ability
Portable Database
Portable Database