Blood Bags Tracking

Activus eliminates that waste by efficiently tracking the equipment your business. You can track the equipment in your organization, to know where an asset is located.

Activus currently manages equipment across different industries. By eliminating the manual process Activus saves time and erases any data-entry errors. Activus increases accuracy and accountability while ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures.

The solution integrates the collection & distribution processes, as each blood bag is tagged, and data from the tags is automatically read and entered into the system. This automation improves overall accuracy, allows an efficient use of assets, enables a faster turnaround of inventory,increases employee and customer safety, reduces cylinder loss and enhances the customer experience.

Visibility for the Gas Cylinder market is designed to provide complete gas bottle population visibility, as each individual container and its contents are uniquely identified.Clients enjoy the power of information such as population size, asset location, returns management, loss calculations & security enhancements, dynamic modelling and asset fleet advance planning, asset malfunction and failures and how to mitigate them, product traceability & recall, and maintenance management where significant cost savings can be realized.

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